The shipment has arrived…

It can be tempting to let the posters sell themselves at this point – place a few in a stack in the lobby or gift shop with a price…

However, creating and shipping the poster illustration is only part of the process. Now we need to tell your guests that they’re available. Ideally, that would begin before you receive the prints. Here’s a quick guide to help:

1 – Social media posts.

Simply start the buzz with social media announcements. This can be done as the job starts, and with updates as the design process continues.

2 – Let everyone know when the prints arrive.

If you have a guest email list, let everyone know that the prints are ready for purchase. Also, announce via all social media outlets.

3 – Frame & hang.

Get a few of each poster framed, and then hang them in busy public spaces on the property – the lobby, dining room, hallways, etc. Also consider a small attached note that the poster is available for purchase.

3 – Make them easy to find.

If you have a gift shop, make sure that the prints are easy to find, and not hidden in a corner. Consider hanging them at the register or on a clear wall.


The extra effort, especially including framing a set, is worth it. The ultimate goal is a displayed print in your guest’s home. This leads to repeat stays, and potential new word-of-mouth customers.