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Vintage Graphic Design Samples – 4

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Property Maps

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It seems like a simple thing, but your property map is more important that you may realize. It's the one piece of collateral that your guests are likely to keep with them for their entire stay. It's vital for it to be an extension of your already established brand collateral. Let us take your property [...]

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Why Invest in a Custom Illustration?

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Why invest in a custom illustration - or even in a series to promote your property? It's really pretty simple - a banner ad is seen and then closed. A direct mail is at best glanced-at and then recycled. An email campaign is often lost in the junk mail folder, or instantly deleted. However, if [...]

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Composition Basics

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There's a strong temptation to use a poster illustration to tell too much of your story. This really just waters down your message visually, and actually makes the composition less effective. For example, let's say that you have beautiful cabins, great activities like horseback-riding, mountain biking, hiking, etc. - plus: a classic main lodge, amenities [...]

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Vintage Graphic Design Samples – 3

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This really is an amazing collection of advertising samples. The stack may be a foot thick, and all three posts go about 2" deep so far. Unfortunately there is water damage on almost everything - red paper bleeded on 75% of the clippings. But it's still a great window into U.S. commercial art from the [...]

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Tennessee State Parks poster series

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The State of Tennessee recently commissioned a two-poster series for both Pickett State Park, and Pickwick Landing State Park. The challenge was to feature the main attractions for each park in a way that inspires the public to get out and explore their home state.        

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Framing your print

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Unless you're in College, you'll want to frame your print. The 24x36 is about as easy as it gets - especially thanks to large stores like Target, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. For around $20 to $30, you can get a great frame. 24x36:   For the 16"x24" print, I suggest purchasing a standard 22" x [...]

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Displaying and selling prints

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 The shipment has arrived... It can be tempting to let the posters sell themselves at this point - place a few in a stack in the lobby or gift shop with a price... However, creating and shipping the poster illustration is only part of the process. Now we need to tell your guests that they're [...]

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Yellowstone National Park poster series

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Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place. The stunning thermal features, diverse wildlife, and endless potential adventure make it a must for a thorough visit. For me, it holds many great memories: Driving among the fires in 1988. Meeting April there in 1995, and enjoying an entire summer of adventure. Visiting a few more times [...]

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The Stagecoach Classic

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A collaboration of Devil's Thumb Ranch and Winter Park, the Stagecoach Classic is an annual point-to-point cross country ski race. The third installment of the race will happen January 2016. OSI was asked to do the logo and the yearly race poster. I've also included the logo comps for reference. The second annual also had [...]

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