The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

One of your best forms of advertising is a happy guest or customer. When they purchase a poster, and hang it in their home, it’s a potent reminder of their experience. Their friends or family members may ask about their experience and then go themselves. Or, at the least, they will feel the pull to return.

Packages & Pricing

Because each project is unique, we will need to gather some key information before an estimate is given. Package rates are available depending on the campaign’s scope. If you would like some general pricing, please email: jonathan@openskyideas.com, and provide as many details as possible.

Additional Items

We can also provide pricing for additional promotional items, such as: post cards, collector magnets, pint glasses, tote bags, t-shirt, etc.

The Process

This is not stock, and not done with a few filters in Photoshop. After research and communication, a series of thumbnails are created to verify subject-matter and composition. After we agree on the basics, a detailed drawing is created for your approval. We then go to the computer and experiment with composition tweaks, color, and typography.