Open Sky Ideas is a graphic design and illustration studio

It boils down to this: We’re here to make you look good, while doing what we love.

While the term “commercial art” isn’t usually used anymore, it’s actually a very accurate title. Our goal is to blend your commerce, with art – making you attractive to your clients. So, if you need a logo, illustration, identity design, collateral package, or a website, we can help.


Our Strengths

Identity Design

Collateral Design

Branding & Rebranding



Jonathan Scheele, Owner

Jonathan has been in the advertising field since 1998 (is that really 20 years?) after earning his BFA in Graphic Design at The University of Georgia. Jonathan has worked for both small advertising agencies and 10,000 person corporations, so there’s a good chance that he’s seen it all.

While good advertising is an art, he knows that the ultimate goal is your happy client, and your industry success.

Jonathan lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with his wife April (If you have a 5 minute conversation, you’ll find out that they met while working for a summer in Yellowstone National Park) and his three amazing children.